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 Project NamePrincipal Investigator
RWO 91Research and development of a predictive model for Ceratonova shasta waterborne parasites in support of Klamath River water management decisions and the Klamath Basin Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3 Model)

Dr. Mark Henderson

RWO 90Foraging ecology of marbled murrelets in coastal waters adjacent to old growth redwoods

Dr. Richard Golightly

D. Peggy Wilzbach

RWO 89Habitat selection in an Arctic SeabirdDr. Mark Colwell
Dr. Mark Henderson
RWO 88Research and development in support of the Klamath Basin Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3 Model)Dr. Mark Henderson
RWO 87Phase II: Monitoring the endangered Tidewater Goby (Eucyclobius Newberryi) using environmental DNA in water samples: Field testsDr. Andrew Kinziger
RWO 86Tidewater Goby Monitoring. Final reportDr. Andrew Kinziger
RWO 85Evaluating dynamics of grassland and wetland ecosystems in the Northern Great PlainsDr. Walt Duffy
RWO 84Assessing the benefits of USDA conservation programs in the Upper Klamath River basin and Central Valley of California on ecosystem services. Final ReportDr. Walt Duffy
RWO 83Genetic Analysis of Tidewater Goby tissue samples. Final ReportDr. Andrew Kinziger
RWO 82Klamath REMS, FisheriesDr. Walt Duffy
RWO 81Quantifying the influence of climate change on Rocky Mountain ungulate populations, migration and feedground use, and herbivory impacts on vegetation.  Final ReportDr. Erik Jules
RWO 80

Assessing the effects of USDA conservation practices on wetland ecosystem services in California's Central Valley. 
2011 Final Report
Avian Use of Wetland Reserve Project

Dr. Walt Duffy
RWO 79

Conservation genetics of the federally endangered tidewater goby (Eucyclobius Newberryi) in Northern California. Final Report

Dr. Andrew Kinziger
RWO 78Effects of conservation programs on amphibian communities in seasonal wetlands of the Prairie Pothole Region's glaciated plains.  Final Report (Balas Thesis)Dr. Luke George
Dr. Walt Duffy
RWO 77Development of a research plan for quantifying the abundance of the invertebrate host of salmonid parasites in the lower Klamath River.  Final Report Dr. Peggy Wilzbach
RWO 75Response of steelhead populations to fire disturbance in the Kings Range National Conservation Area.Dr. Walt Duffy
RWO 74Evaluation and monitoring of burrow-nesting seabirds at Castle Rock NWR.  Final ReportDr. Rick Golightly
Hoopa Valley Tribal CouncilCoho Ecology - Hoopa Valley

Dr. Darren Ward

Dr. Mark Henderson

National Fish and Wildlife FoundationComparison of standard and environmental DNA methods for estimating Chinook Salmon Smolt abundance in the Klamath River, California

Dr. Andrew Kinziger

Dr. Mark Henderson

Save the Redwoods LeagueTracking Coho Salmon (Onchorhynchus kisutch) smolt movement and abundance using eDNA water samplesDr. Mark Henderson
Confluence EnvironmentalHumboldt Bay InvertebrateDr. Mark Henderson
Green DiamondExport of Invertebrate Drift From Headwater StreamsDr. Peggy Wilzbach
DOI RNPPrairie Creek Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystem Synthesis Final ReportDr. Peggy Wilzbach
CalTransTidewater Goby Survey

Dr. Andrew Kinziger

Dr. Mark Henderson

CalTroutEel River Monitoring PlanDr. Peggy Wilzbach
CalTroutSurvival and Habitat Use of Juvenile Coho Salmon in the Shasta River. Final ReportDr. Peggy Wilzbach
OSUDisease Reduction in the Klamath II. 2011-2012. Final ReportDr. Gary Hendrickson
Dr. Peggy Wilzbach
OSUDisease Reduction in the Klamath. 2009-2011. Final ReportDr. Gary Hendrickson
Dr. Peggy Wilzbach
NFWFMyxozoan Fish Disease Research and Monitoring. 2013. Final ReportDr. Peggy Wilzbach
CDFComposition of the Suspended Load as a Measure of Stream Health. 2009. Final Report

Dr. Peggy Wilzbach

CDFWRedwood Creek Chinook Salmon Monitoring and Life Cycle Model

Dr. Mark Henderson

CDFWLife Cycle Monitoring of Coho Salmon in Prairie Creek

Dr. Mark Henderson

CDFWHumboldt Bay Coho Monitoring

Dr. Darren Ward

Dr. Mark Henderson

CDFWLinking predation mortality to predator density and survival for out-migrating Chinook Salmon and steelhead in the lower San Joaquin River and South DeltaDr. Mark Henderson
CDFWBasal Hollow Roost Selection

Dr. Joe Szewczak

Dr. Mark Henderson

CDFWTownsend's Big-Eared Bat Statewide Assessment

Dr. Joseph Szewczak
Dr. Peggy Wilzbach

CDFWGiant Kangaroo Rat Population Monitoring in Panoche Valley

Dr. Tim Bean
Dr. Mark Henderson

CDFWPrairie Creek Juvenile Smolt 2013 - 2017 Annual Report 2013 - 2014, Annual Report 2014 - 2015Dr. Peggy Wilzbach
CDFWSalmon in the Redwood Creek Basin Final ReportDr. Peggy Wilzbach
CDFWLower Redwood Creek Juvenile Salmon (Smolt) Abundance Project Annual Report 2013 - 2014, Annual Report 2014 - 2015Dr. Peggy Wilzbach
CDFWPrairie Creek Sub-Basin Life Cycle Monitoring Project. 2011 - 2014. Final ReportDr. Walt Duffy
CDFWRedwood Creek Life Cycle Monitoring DIDSON. 2011 - 2014. Final ReportDr. Walt Duffy
CDFWRedwood Creek Life Cycle Monitoring DIDSON, 2011 - 2012. Final ReportDr. Walt Duffy
CDFWRedwood Creek DIDSON. 2011. Final ReportDr. Walt Duffy
USFSSample, identify, and enumerate macroinvertebrates of Caspar Creek Watershed. 2010. Final ReportDr. Ken Cummins
USFWSThe role of barriers in the conservation of McCloud redband trout. Final ReportDr. Peggy Wilzbach
CDFGPrairie Creek Sub-Basin Life Cycle Monitoring. 2011. Final Report Dr. Walt Duffy
CDFGAge structure of steelhead in the Klamath River Basin.Dr. Walt Duffy
Dr. Peggy Wilzbach

Upper and Lower Redwood Creek juvenile salmonid abundance projects. 

Lower RC 2012 Final Report
Upper RC 2012 Final Report

Lower RC 2011 Final Report
Upper RC 2011 Final Report

Upper RC 2010 Final Report
Lower RC 2010 Final Report

Upper RC 2008 Final Report
Lower RC 2008 Final Report

Upper RC 2007 Final Report
Lower RC 2007 Final Report

Dr. Walt Duffy
CDFGGrowth and movement of resident rainbow trout transplanted below barriers to anadromy project.     Final ReportDr. Peggy Wilzbach
USFWSManayunkia speciosa: Life history, rearing, and associated development of Ceratomyxa shasta.  Final Report

Dr. Gary Hendrickson,
Dr. Peggy Wilzbach,
Dr. Ken Cummins

CDFGValidation Monitoring: Testing protocols in Prairie Creek.  Final ReportDr. Walt Duffy
ID State Univ.Hydrologic alteration in the Klamath River Basin (subcontract of USFWS project). Final Report Dr. Peggy Wilzbach

Corixids: A Keystone Taxon of Freshwater Invertebrates of Copper River Delta Ecosystems. Presentation and Final Report

Dr. Ken Cummins